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-Adding a glass build plate






-Attaching the filament stand to the top of the printer






-Using filament spools that have a narrow center hole






-Raising the Z-Axis Endstop Switch






-"def" Error Message & Thermistor Basics







-The belt behind my extruder assembly is rubbing against the bearing housings







-My Heated Bed Plate is "jittery" or vibrating







-Loose Z-Axis rods & Leveling X-Axis Assembly







-My X-Axis belts have come undone or are loose







-My Heated Bed Plate (Y-Axis) is smashing into the back of the printer frame







-My Extuder Carriage (X-Axis) is smashing into the sides of my printer frame







-My SD Card is loaded into the printer but I can't see my files






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