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Raising the Z-Axis Endstop Switch

There is no way to raise this endstop without modification as it is in a fixed position. The solution is to print out a riser that will allow you to move the endstop up and/or down to the target position. We have designed a simple riser which can be secured in between the endstop and the printer frame which will allow this up/down movement. You should source two additional screws to help secure the new riser but this is not entirely necessary. Although not optimal, you can use the same 2 screws that secured the original endstop to attach both the new riser and the endstop by using only one screw for each.


*Below you can find the STL for the riser. We suggest printing the model with a solid infill.


Inside Printer View:


Outside Printer View:

Riser with Endstop Switch Attached:

Z-Axis Endstop Riser: STL

If you are facing the printer the Z-Axis endstop switch will be behind the printer column on the left side:


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