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Wanhao Duplicator 9 Mark II(2) Large Format 3D Printer

The Duplicator D9 from Wanhao is their newest FDM style printer. It features a touch screen, MK10 Extruder with full metal hotend, heated bed and anti-backlash rolling system. The printer will be available in three sizes (see below). The printer is made from machined metal brackets and extruded aluminum instead of the previous sheet metal designs.
Shipped directly from Wanhao China - Lead time is 7-10 business days
This item is not stocked in our warehouse in Odessa, FL.
If you are wanting to pick up from our location you must pre oder from China and let us know your estimated time of arrival 


Wanhao Duplicator 9 Mark 2 upgrades


- Secured locking system

- Self adjustable 4 roller system, Smoother, quieter

- Customized cooling fan for more accuracy

- One side Lattice 300,400(Double side printing bed) /PVC Mat only for 500 printing bed

- Equipped with BLTouch auto smart leveling

- D9 400/500 Dual Rail Y Axis

- Adding PTFE Protection tube

- Reinforced RIB strengthen bar for stability in large size printing

- Dynamic Z offset adjustable during printing to enable the most accuracy layer thickness as you wish


  • 2020 extruded aluminum precision frame, Linear guide rails, and v-slot bearing design


  •  Anti-backlash rolling system used to minimize backlash (free movement between the lifting screw and nut) thus postion is firmly fixed during printing and producing stunning & finer prints with high accuracy & precision.


  • All Metal Hot end- Easy Maintenance, achieve cleaner prints,less ooze, lets you print at much higher temperature, Faster Extrusion rate, lower retraction amount


  • Large build sizes 300*400 mm/400*400 mm/500*500 mm/400*400


  • Resume Print, which stores the print information and position of the print head in case of power failure or similar


  •  Integrated Smart Touch Screen display which allows you to control at ease, clean & better navigating user experience.


  • Closed PSU & Cable alignments are properly managed for rich experience out of the box & safer 3D Printing


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