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Thank You for joining the 3D printing revolution. You are about to embark on a great and wonderful new technology.

We have put together some links below which we have found to be key resources for 3D printing beginners.

Remember that 3D printing is new technology to you just like a baby has to crawl before it walks. It takes time and patience when first starting out to develop a good skill level.


After you get a little bit of training and experience under your belt, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to 3D printing. You can let your imagination run wild. It is truly an amazing New technology to most individuals.


Duplicator 4 Series Printable Parts:


Here is a great starter list of 3D printable parts for your Wanhao 3D printer.

These parts have been sourced from different sites and designers around the World Wide Web.

Please note that we put this up as helpful tips to our customers but, we are not responsible for damages or a malfunctions of your machine caused by your downloads, installing, and/or using these parts. Please make sure that clicking on the links below is at your own risk.


Extruder Cooling Fan





Screw-less Bracket for the Extruder Cooling Fan Assembly






Front and Rear Extruder Cooling Fan






X-Axis Cooling Fan Bracket





Side Panel Window Frames






Top Plate with Filament Guides






Printer Frame Feet





Universal Printer Frame Feet






Adjustable Height Printer Frame Feet






Nozzle Height Guage Tool





Build Plate Leveler






Build Plate Spring Footings






Raspberry Pi Camera Mount






NinjaFlex Extruder Modification






3D Model Hosting Websites:


Here is a great starter list for finding great 3D parts & models that range from beginner to pro level printing.

 Keep in mind that not all 3D files are printable on Wanhao 3D printers.

Some models might be designed to be fabricated on a laser cutter or CNC machine and

some might have complex features that take a lot of practice to master.




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