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Tools Needed:

2.5 mm Hex Key

Be sure to power OFF and unplug your printer before removing any electronic components.


Every once in a while we come across the issue of a bad LCD to Touch Controller Connector Cable. This is the cable that connects the LCD screen and the touch controller on your Duplicator 4 series printer. The tell-tale sign of a bad cable is when your screen starts showing a bunch of random or weird shown below. You can fix this by replacing the multi-colored cable that connects these two components. However, If your screen goes blank or does not turn on then you most likely have a bad LCD screen and it should be sent in to our shop for a replacement.













The LCD to Touch Controller Connector Cable is located behind the LCD screen on the inside of your printer. This multi-colored cable has two 6-Pin connectors on one end and one 12-Pin connector on the other end. Gently reach inside your printer and pull these connectors away from each component in the direction shown below by the pink arrows.


















If you need to remove the LCD screen you will need to use your 2.5mm hex key to unscrew the four screws that hold it in place. There are nuts on the backs of these screws that may need to be held in place while you unscrew.



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