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On some Duplicator 5 machines there is a common error of EMI (electromegnetic interference) causing normal operation to cease or pause.  This has been solved by adding a ground wire to all new Duplicator 5S series micro-controller boards. If you do not have this installed on your printer please follow the instructions below to resolve this issue:


Locate the pin directly next to the "19-24VIN" label on your Duplicator 5 series micro-controller board.


















Solder a 50cm (~20in) length grounding cable onto the pin.




















Crimp a ring loop terminal connector with a 4mm ID (inner diameter) onto the opposite end of the ground cable.
















On the inside of the electronics compartment you will notice several screws that attach the Blue Exoframe to the Black inner frame (along the inner side of the electronics compartment).











Remove the nut on top of the screw.







Sand down or thoroughly scratch the base around one of these screws. The Black inner frame is powder coated so you need to make sure you have sanded/scratched down to the metal.








Attach the ring loop terminal crimp connector onto the screw and re-fasten the nut on top of the connector. Your printer should now be grounded and you will experience less EMI issues.




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