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Three causes we truly care about and support.

Welcome to the future, a world where digital manufacturing may still be in its infancy, but already it is leaving a wide mark, transforming how we do business and forcing traditional industries to take notice.


It’s not as important to understand every detail and component available with this new technology. It’s more important to recognize and appreciate how it is going to change our world for the better.


We are proud to be Tampa Bay’s driving force for 3D printing technology.

We carry and stock only the absolute best equipment available on the market at unbelievable prices, and we have vigorously tested every product that we sell to ensure its quality and satisfaction.


Who We Are


Ultimate 3D Printing Store is the first E-Commerce business in Tampa Bay dedicated to the future of 3D printing.  


With a large variety of both 3D printers and supplies on hand, we truly are a one-stop shop destination. You can find anything related to 3D printing that you might want available on our website.  

We are family owned and operated, a true small business trying to succeed in this new, robust and ever-changing economy. We believe small businesses are the key to preserve the core values of our great nation, and we are proud to serve you.


We provide exceptional customer service, technical support and guidance as you join the revolution and dive into the technological future of 3D printing.


Our motto is simple: Create More.


We believe that with the right equipment and tools, if you can dream it then you can create it. 

Who We Hope to Inspire


Our goal is straight-forward: We want to inspire people at home to embrace this new technology, experience it with their families and their children and test the limits of their imagination. We champion prototyping. Imagine that you own a classic vehicle but you need a new part that is no longer available. You can 3D print that part in your living room and install it in your car.


With 3D printing technology growing at such a rapid pace, there has never been a better time than now to discover the unlimited array of items that you can create and design at home for sale as a secondary income on websites like Etsy and more. 


Trusted and Verified


Ultimate 3D Printing Store is fully accredited through the Better Business Bureau and we are proud to be a verified Dun & Bradstreet credited corporation.


We offer free local delivery for large orders. We care about your satisfaction and we want to make sure your new 3D printer arrives safely and undamaged so you can begin creating immediately.


We are so excited to offer these revolutionary products. We’re geeks, and proud of it, and for us, being immersed in the new technology of 3D printing is like receiving one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets.


We also care about the privacy of our customers. Our website is 100 percent secure and your personal information will never be used by us in any way or sold to a third-party provider.


Ultimate 3D Printing Store also has a learning center and support area on our website. We are here to help you harness this new power and utilize the technology to its fullest. This unbelievable technology is not new, but previously it was too expensive for mainstream retail sales. Now that the technology is continuing to grow and expand, these wonderful machines have become affordable for everyday use.


Who Inspires Us


We ask every visitor to our E-Commerce store to click on the three links provided to learn more about these causes that we deeply care about and support:


  • e-Nable is a wonderful, global network of developers, engineers and home-based tinkerers who have banded together to use 3D printing to provide a better quality of life to children in need. Whether designing and printing a prosthetic device for a child missing fingers and/or an entire hand or providing the tools to children to create what they need themselves, this is a wonderful volunteer endeavor


  • Stomp Out Bullying is the leading anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization for children and teenagers in the U.S. It focuses on solutions to preventing any form of digital harassment that kids may encounter.


  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the largest online network of breast cancer awareness events in the U.S. The American Cancer Society depends on the donations raised through these events to continue to fund breast cancer research, provide free information and provide a support resource for survivors.  


Thank You For Spreading the Word…Now Go, Create!


Thank you again for visiting Ultimate 3D Printing Store online.


Please remember, our true success lies with our customers and the power of word-of-mouth referrals.


We always strive to be the vest best for our customers, but we know that means never settling and always improving. If you have feedback for us, please feel free to contact us anytime at


And if you are satisfied with our service and the products we offer, we only ask that you take a minute to share your thoughts and experience on any of our social media platforms:


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Ultimate 3D Printing Store
Showroom Location Trinity, Florida
11108 Challenger Ave.
Odessa, FL 33556
Office (813)-280-1115
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