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Here is a great starter list of parts for your Wanhao Duplicator 4S and 4X printers that are 3D printable. These parts have been sourced from different sites and designers around the web. Downloading, installing, and/or using these parts is to be done by experienced users with the knowledge that you can potentially damage your machine if you are using a part or component not included with your original printer purchase. Use of these files may result in a voidance of your limited warranty with Ultimate 3D Printing Store. We are not responsible for damage or malfunction of your machine by downloading, installing, and/or using these parts. .

   Extruder Cooling Fan




    Anti-Vibration Feet




  Screw-less Bracket for the Extruder Cooling Fan Assembly




   Front and Rear Extruder      Cooling Fan




  X-Axis Cooling Fan Bracket




  Side Panel Window Frames




Top Plate with Filament Guides




     Printer Frame Feet




      Universal Printer Frame Feet




  Adjustable Height Printer Frame Feet




      Nozzle Height Guage Tool




           Build Plate Leveler




       Build Plate Spring Footings




      Raspberry Pi Camera Mount




    NinjaFlex Extruder Modification





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